Mission sustainable

Our mission

Environmentally yours

We source our ingredients locally & remain focused on our vision for developing an eco-friendly system of sustainability in our food chain, by driving new ethical & environmental initiatives throughout KUDOS.


Fish for life

We supply a range of fish that have been sourced from fisheries meeting the Marine Stewardship Council Fisheries Standard & never buy red rated fish from the Marine Conservation Society’s Good Fish Guide.



One small step for man

We work very hard to identify quality, local suppliers in all our venues & buy locally & seasonally wherever possible. We always aim to source 80% of our ingredients from within 50 miles of our venues & 90% of our seasonal fruit & vegetables are sourced from around the UK.



Ethically aware with tender loving care

We require our suppliers to produce full traceability to prove they use humanely operated farms. 80% of our meat is farmed in the UK to Red Tractor Farm Assured welfare standards & we only use 100% British free-range eggs.


Our fight against single-use plastic

We stopped purchasing plastic straws, stirrers & sachets throughout KUDOS & now only purchase paper straws in our venues. We also introduced china mugs to eliminate the use of disposable cups, saving 91,000 cups & 34,000 lids from going to landfill every year.


What comes around goes around

Together with our partner venues we exercise effective refuse management systems that increase the opportunities for recycling coffee grounds, plastic, cardboard and glass reducing landfill waste. Additionally our waste frying oil is fully regulated with the Environment Agency.


Water that fills good

Our cross-country Refill campaign allows café teams to engage passers-by to fill up their bottles – for free! Refill is simple. A downloadable app allows users to find the nearest Refill station to pop along to add fill their re-useable bottles.


After all, it’s the imperfections that we love

Up to 10 tonnes of produce is rejected every week because of its imperfection, which can end up in landfill. We educate our chefs to support local farmers and with some creativity and planning, incorporate the neglected veg into our soups, stocks and salads. We partner with Fisher and Woods who supply a selection of ’ugly’ fruit and vegetables that may not look perfect but taste great!


Saving for our future

We have created a culture of energy saving in our kitchens by making our team conscious and responsible for misuse of running taps, burning hobs and steaming ovens. We’ve reduced gas consumption by 5% and electricity consumption by 3%.

The Good Life

Organic growth with the The Good Life project

The KUDOS team at Penshurst Place and Gardens grow their own food on the estate, including runner beans, kale, pak choi, red onions, and garlic chives, as well as an abundance of fresh herbs including basil, fennel, rosemary and thyme. The home-grown produce is used in recipes at the Porcupine Pantry (pictured) - one of Kent's top 10 spots for afternoon tea - as well as the Garden Restaurant and for event catering.