Built on integrity 


We do what we say and we say what we do.

Our teams are passionately working away to drive our collective ambitions forward. We are an ever-evolving company that offers a variety of services and here are some highlights about what we have been up to.


KUDOS continues to hold four ISO accreditations

KUDOS successfully retained all four certifications comprising of ISO 9001, 22000, 14001, 45001, firmly cementing itself in the top 1% of UK accredited businesses.

Karl Wilkinson, Head of Safety and Compliance at KUDOS, said “Maintaining all four certifications requires a consistent commitment to integrate these management systems into each and every aspect of the working day in service, delivery and operational safety.”


KUDOS launches heart-beating campaign

KUDOS introduced exciting recipes, full of healthy and wholesome nutrition and also discussed issues of cholesterol and how lifestyle choices can impact heart health.

On Valentine’s Day, KUDOS served a special dark chocolate bark treat with roasted almonds and pumpkin seeds.. For every treat sold, £1 was donated to British Heart Foundation, supporting life-saving research into heart and circulatory disease.


KUDOS exclusive caters for Resource for London

KUDOS is providing a bespoke hospitality service with innovative conference and banqueting, as well as redefining the café space, launching The Green Bean Coffee House, a strong contemporary identity.

Mark Deakin, Centre Manager at Resource for London, said “Their experience and expertise has already led to great changes to the cafe and menu and we look forward to implementing new ideas that share our common values.”


KUDOS launch GLORIOUS events

Creative heads at KUDOS joined forces with The Cheltenham Trust to develop a new master brand, GLORIOUS events, with a fresh vision and contemporary look, ready to cater for a wider market.Read more

Julie Finch, CEO of The Cheltenham Trust said, “We were impressed with Kudos’ vision and felt the company were the ideal commercial partner to drive forward our hospitality and catering offering and create excellent café experiences for our day-to-day business.”


KUDOS launch vegan recipes across the UK.

Across the UK, KUDOS applied its culinary creativity in to vegan recipes including vegan pulled pork on sweet potato toast, roasted butternut squash and apricot tagine and jackfruit with crispy tortilla.

The recipes were inspired by Veganuary and KUDOS are planning to make more vegan dishes available throughout the year.