Making your wedding venue work for you.

Making your wedding venue work for you.

COVID 19 has changed the lives of many hoping to tie the knot in 2020. As we see some registrars re-opening, the government guidelines are pretty much stopping most couples from considering to go through with their weddings plans at their selected wedding venue in the short term and so looking at delaying their celebrations until 2021. Emotionally this has been a great strain on many with hopes dashed of their plans for their big day going ahead as expected. These plans may also incur changes through 2021, with changed rules on numbers and catering, however looking positively ahead here are some tops tips on how to march forward on getting plans underway for your special day in the brave new, post COVID world.

The most important thing to tie down is the venue. Dates will be limited as those couples initially planning on a 2021 date are already in the diary, but then those postponed from this year also trying to get a date.

Most wedding venues will find priority now to postponed couples. They will be given the choice of the dates left in the diary to enable them to get things moving forward. If you can’t get your first choice date there are alternatives to consider.

Saturday has always been the first choice date, but time of year and venue may have more importance for you. Why not change the day of the week? Friday and Sunday are equally as suited and on bank holidays, you might even consider a Monday. Venues will usually offer reduced rates for these less prime dates of the week.

You may even consider a complete change of Season. Historically summer has been the preferred time of year to get wed. Winter has become more popular over recent years, with Christmas particularly so. Brides can change theming to suit the beautiful rustic colours of winter and warm fires and candles add impact and warmth.

Again ask your chosen venue if they offer more competitive rates for off peak, most do.

If none of the above works, it may be that you have to go back to the drawing board on choosing another venue. This can be disappointing, not to mention hard work. There are agencies out there that can help with this, some are free of charge as long as you use their partners, (try The Perfect Wedding ), not to mention search engines, but also speak to caterers and look at social media to offer assistance here.

Once you have the venue secured, it will be about getting to work on planning the day itself. The expected styles of service will now change. One area that will need some change of approach is the food and drink aspect of your special day. No more beautiful trays laden with canapes, no more buffets with guests helping themselves to delicious looking treats. Most caterers are already changing their menus to ensure measures are in place to safeguard guests and comply with new COVID guidelines. Kudos, the boutique venue caterer has done just this. They have introduced individual serving portions on canapes receptions. Guests will still have a selection of tempting bites, but they will be served to guests in a personal dish that gives them a full selection choice. This can range from a bento style box to a picnic style basket. The range is endless and can be personalised and tied in with the theme of your wedding.

Buffets too have had steps taken to safeguard. Waiting team will be behind the table serving guests rather than them helping themselves. There will also be guards in front of food and line management. The table will still look beautifully decorated but guests and hosts can relax knowing their welfare is being protected.

Although these considerations are in place, there is so much fun that can be had with the food and drinks aspect of your meal. If you do have a theme, this can be incorporated into the day. This can be done with the use of colour, props, dishes or costume. Your wedding planner within the venue and catering manager will help explain what can be done to make your day unique to you.

Most venues operate a suppliers list to help you in choosing your supplier partners for the other aspects of the day. Whether it is flowers, entertainment, photographer, they will guide you through these contacts and you can relax knowing that they are used to working within the venue, understand the health can safety aspect of the site and experience in making happen what you wish.

One last tip for ensuring you have a perfect day. Talk to your wedding venue and catering team. Make sure they understand what you are looking for and what you are trying to achieve. It is always good to back up conversations with writing and make sure when they send you written details that you check and leave nothing to assumptions. If you have pictures to endorse what you are trying to recreate, that is always helpful. Make sure you have asked your guests the question of dietary requirements, this is much more prevalent nowadays, but make sure it is dietary NOT preference, this will be a headache for all on the day otherwise.

Before the big day meet with the event manager running the day for you. Let them know what you will be expecting and who to liaise with on the day, it won’t be you, you will be far too busy and so then on the big day itself you will be left to enjoy and relax.


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